I have noticed a couple of cases where ConTeXt macros seem to have
confused left and right sides:

 1) I want to format some text in two columns, where the left column
    is right-aligned and the right column is left-aligned. I found I
    had to do this:

        [n=2, before={\blank[small]},after={\blank[small]}]
        [ingredient] [1] 

 2) In order to format format headers for a book so that the book title
    appears on the left-hand page and the section title on the right, I
    had to do this:

      \setupheadertexts [] [section] [title] []

    ... which, as I read the documentation, is in the opposite order to
    what it should be.

Is this a bug in ConTeXt, or have I misconfigured something?

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