Great, but unfortunately it does not work with empty parameter list [].
No I have no time but I will look for better definition of \rawgetparameters and \rawsetparameter.

I fixed this a while ago, and not have: \def\rawgetparameters[#1][#2% some 5-10% faster {\ifx#2]% test is needed, else bomb on [#1][] \expandafter\gobbleoneargument \else \def\rawparameterprefix{#1}% \expandafter\dorawgetparameters \fi#2}


Thankx for quick response, even from outside Hans, this solves the empty list problem, but unfortunately not the problem with newline in param list:
and in this way it is incompatible with \setparameters.

What about use the same parameter parser as in the \setparameters:


Vit Zyka

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