Hello, all--

I am planning to publish a book that is typeset using ConTeXt, and very
soon I am going to start contacting printers for estimates. Given that a
shop prints from PDF files, does it matter that the PDFs are produced by

I've never worked with regular printers, but I have taken PDF files
produced by TeX or ConTeXt several times to Kinko's [for the non-US
readers: Kinko's is a shop found all over North America--originally they
were just a photocopy shop, but now they offer a wide range of services,
including computer rental, design consulting, low-end POD printing ...
they do good work within their limits, but their staff are really only
knowledgeable about mainstream commercial DTP software--the notion of
TeX is totally beyond them]. I have found that they can produce good
results, but it seems they have to adjust some settings in their system
and make several attempts before the job comes out right.

Are problems likely to arise with normal printers? If so, can anyone
suggest questions I should ask to help determine whether they can handle
my files? Also, is there anything in particular I should do to my files
to make sure they are print-ready?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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