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> Hello Mats,
> I agree with you: ConTeXt is certainly superior to LaTeX, but 
> sometimes, I know how to do a special thing in LaTeX, but not 
> in ConTeXt. Often I don't know, if a special feature is 
> already there but undocumented, or not. Sometimes, I find a 
> sort of "workaround" to get some LaTeX behaviour, for example 
> "\flushbottom". For beginners there is the document 
> http://www.berenddeboer.net/tex/LaTeX2ConTeXt.> pdf by Berend 
> de Boer. It would be nice, to have something 
> like this for advanced topics, such as varioref or lettrine. 
> These special "LaTeX to ConTeXt" examples can then be added 
> to the ConTeXt-wiki: http://contextgarden.net/From_LaTeX_to_ConTeXt
> Cheers, Peter

Thanks for the info.

Having looked more closely at this, I guess it now stands between
learning LaTeX and the memoir class, or learning ConTeXt. There are
things that talk in favour for both these roadmaps, but I have not
decided yet. 

One of the issues is how to solve a problem in ConTeXt if it suddenly
becomes clear this or that feature is not implemented. 

Best regards,
Mats Broberg

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