I got a simple drawing madeup in Metapost, which is then compiled into a pdf file with context.
Now that I want to include this graphic in a text I stumble over the following:

pdfeTeXk, Version 3.141592-1.11a-2.1 (Web2c 7.5.2)
ConTeXt  ver: 2004.6.30  fmt: 2004.7.21
Error: PDF version 1.5 -- xpdf supports version 1.4 (continuing anyway)
Error (0): PDF file is damaged - attempting to reconstruct xref table...
Error: Couldn't find trailer dictionary
Error: Couldn't read xref table

subsubject     : - De tekst op het Gabarit

Error: pdfetex.exe (file ./gabarit.pdf): xpdf: reading PDF image failed
 ==> Fatal error occurred, the output PDF file is not finished!

Does anybody have a clue what happens?

Kind regards Willi
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