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Dear knights of the round table,

I generally do my Arabic work in Aleph/eomega in Latin transcription mode, but 
things are at a point now where I would like to code TeX using unicode (and a 
unicode otp filter). Now I use WinEdT and really love it (I even designed 
buttons for for a few functions), but the maintainer has indicated that it 
will be quite some time before WinEdT supports unicode+right-to-left 
typesetting. Are any of you aware of a good multi-platform (thinking of 
switching to Linux again) unicode editor? (and no, at this time I'm not ready 
to spend months (re-)learning/fighting/cursing XEmacs;-> (could never get MULE 
to work anyway...))

Hans and others use SciTE. Does it provide Unicode/bidirectional support 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I hate the thought of leaving WinEdT 
after so many years but I may have no choice:-(


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