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>> Hans and others use SciTE. Does it provide Unicode/bidirectional
>> support
>> support?
>You can set it up to use UTF-8, but I don't think it supports r-t-l or

That's really too bad:-(( I actually have UniType Global Writer but it's 
really a pain to use for TeX source editing. On the other hand, it can be used 
to copy and past to WinEdt (where it will show up as utf-8 ascii). An 
all-in-one solution would be much better though.

Now I'm a KDE lover myself;-) but doesn't GTK support bidi/rtl? So shouldn't 
SciTE support bidi right out of the box?

In any case, I would still like to try SciTE if Hans' support files are 
available somewhere. Quick question: how does one activate utf-8?


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