I would like to suppress hypenation in a text of a \startfiguretext within a \setlayerframed
I am aware of the thread in jan 03 on the list and the fact that\setupalign[nothyphenated] (or \nohyphens) overshoot the right margin
On the other hand I do not know where to put the align={left,nothyphenated,width} that was suggested in the reply

here is the piece I work with:

\setlayerframed[page][preset=righttop, column=1,line=30][width=\dimexpr((\paperwidth-2cm)/2),align=]{\getbuffer[b]}

with the buffer:

... <<<nohypened text>>...

still awfully raw on context I am looking for the options of \setlayerframed, list and meaning, command that is absent from manuals or web info-tools

in details.pdf some examples are build with \setlayer[..][..]{\framed[..]{..}}

what's the difference, if any, betwwen the two form?

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