Hans Hagen wrote:

\setlayerframed[preset=lefttop][offset=1cm,align=normal]{the content}

my first asking was: "offset"? where did it get it? then in texshow-web (altough rather empthy) I found \setupframed but still I have hard time to grasp the picture globally, and I do wish to be more independent. So sorry

However,anyhow.. I put it, but it has no effect....

I use contex from tetex from SuSe 9.1, should I move to TeXlive+pragma?
Or is just something relate to my .tex file?

the best appoach is to typeset the doc and poster indepently, see attached file

it's far from perfect but it shows the idea; now, if you (and maybe others) can cook up specs of what you want, i can make a series of s-pos-*.tex files that you can then built upon; a kind of on-line tutorial in style writing; when done, you can write a myway document an article for the maps -)

not sure if I am ready to understand all.... but I'll be working on.. on what I consider a rather more advanced approch respect to my experience than your previous poster template with which I have been almost able to reproduce (with better typo and easy composition) a previous openoffice work.. _______________________________________________ ntg-context mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://www.ntg.nl/mailman/listinfo/ntg-context

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