> hope this back and forth will not be just a waste, but something out
> of which we can both/all learned to improuve.

I think so, too. It has been a long time since I used ConTeXt. So I
have to refresh my rusty knowledge :-)

> "define your own command" , but you have to know THE (default) command
> fist, otherwise it is hard to obtain a result (.pdf) from something
> that is not just a copy of someonelse .tex

Right, but I'd guess that the default command is quite tricky. All
ConTeXt commands are quite tricky.

> \def\HeadTitle#1#2{\hbox to \hsize%
>          {\hfil%
>       {#1#2}\hfil}}
> \setuphead [chapter]
>    [command=\HeadTitle]
> \starttext
> \chapter{ciao}
> \stoptext
> the two ex-s  are not the same , because spacing between the number
> and the title and allignment, why?

There is no horizontal "space" command between #1 (number) and #2
(title). But "space" is not just a simple " ". It can be many things.
I don't know if there is any good reading about these kind of spaces,
but let me show you a few:

( )        regular space is pretty small, but can be stretched
\enspace   fixed space 0.5em  
\enskip    space .5em      (so called "skip")
\quad      space 1em          "
\qquad     space 2em          "
\kern xx   space xx 
\hfil, \hfill  "very long" and "very very long" space

> Moving your howto overlay example, indeed very useful, from subject to
> chapter seems to me more subtle than just changing  section names

It is more a matter of section numbers/no section numbers. 


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