Hi Floris,

> that is explaining the situation. But for an end-user (i try to keep
> myself on that level) it is *not* very convenient left with this
> situation (not knowing it exists in the first place)

Not all hope is lost. IIRC there were two important differences from
your texlive upto now:

1) paths of scripts have changed (now in texmf/scripts/context/perl/
   I don't remember were they were ... wait.... texmf/context/perltk)

2) metafun macros are now in metapost/context/base (hmm, it looks as
   if this is now since a long time ... OK found it: this was in
   metapost/context in version 2003.1.28 and in .../base in version
   2003.1.30 - long time before current texlive came out. You use the
   current texlive (almost a year old now))?

So you are probably only affected by 1). Any window user should tell
you how to use the texexec.pl from the scripts path and use this in
favour of the default one.

> I guess i have to uninstall the present pftex and start from
> scratch.

Oh no, don't do this. It looks fine. An uptodate texexec is not
extremely important.

> Which one is the best option to get Context,metafun,xml working?
> And i would like to have a similar working set on my OSX laptop too.
> Where are the experts ? :-)

You use texlive on your OS X laptop? That is what I have, too. I have
not taken the default ConTeXt, but downloaded a current one from
Pragma ADE page and installed it in a spearate directory and did a
few things that are mentioned on my old ConTeXt page

> Hints for improvement:


I'll return to the live... next week, I'll save your (and the other)
suggestions until then.


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