Hi !

> I had the same problem when I started to use ConTeXt. Hans suggested I
> use \enableregime[mac]  at the beginning of my documents. I use a Mac 
> OSX.
> The same principle must apply for PCs. It might be \enableregime[win]

\enableregime[mac] seems to solve the problem. I just need to
add the accentuated characters as described in one of 
context manuals, something like: \'{i} ... etc. 

> In the ConTeXt manual 'Fonts in ConTeXt' p. 22 there is a discussion of 
> Regimes. You get the document from the Pragma website.

I will take a look at it.

> I hope this will get you going. If not one of the experts out there 
> will have the answer.

Yes, it did. Thank you.

Miguel Queirós

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