Hello Hans,

[.. psnfss fonts ..]

> Concerning those fonts, there are differences between distributions:
> different metrics, different subpaths, urw instances either or not
> present; i got the feeling that sometimes fixes/changes take place
> when a font contributer finds out that his/her system does not work
> thereby breaking other things); unfortunately much of those pieces of
> distributions are dictated by what latex wants to see instead of being
> generic

Well, we are talking about the fonts required by the psnfss (latex)
system. Those should be all the same for all systems. The files typset
should be completely portable. Maybe the outcome doesn't look right,
but I doubt it will. I'd like to hear about any problems with psnfss
not being compatible among distributions. 

And the argument about being too LaTeXy: the encoding of these files
is not LaTeX specific (besides from the fact that LaTeX can only
handle T1/OT1 encoding right), so what is not generic about them?

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