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Steffen Wolfrum wrote:


when setting the \setupfootnotedefinition with location=margin, or location=inleft
there is always a little distance between footnote number and footnote text.
Neither width nor distance can affect it.

Does this distance cannot be adjusted?

can you make me a small demo file?


Yes, sure. I just made a frame around the footnote number so you'll can clearly see the gap:

\setuppagenumbering [alternative=doublesided,location={header,right}]
\showframe \showgrid

test\footnote{first note}
\page testest\footnote{second note}

this is not so much a bug but a missing feature -)

in cont-new.tex, add:

\startconstants            dutch                     english
                          german                    czech
                          italian                   romanian

             kopcommando: kopcommando               headcommand
                          headcommand               headcommand
                          headcommand               headcommand


\unprotect \setvalue{@@definitie\v!commando}#1{\do@@definitie{\executeifdefined{\??dd#1\c!kopcommando}\framed}{#1}}

Now you can say:


and go wild with putting footnote markers anywhere


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