> For right now, I am giving up on the postscript fonts.  Lets try
> something else.

:-) Those fonts are also postscript fonts.


> Is there any way I can use these fonts with ConTeXt? If yes, where
> do I need to copy them and what do I rename them to? 

Use the installer from Walter Schmidt's page and install the font as
described. No renaming necessary, the script does it for you.

> Are these fonts exactly the same as the ones that you buy from
> yandy.com?

I don't know.

> Also the above site says "On the other hand, only the basic font
> styles (roman, sans serif, typewriter) are available, whereas the
> fonts from Y&Y include many more variants such as true smallcaps,
> sans serif italic, fax, handwriting, blackletter and more)" Does
> CoTeXt use the other fonts that are missing?

Only if you ask for them.

> I suppose it would be legal for me to use these fonts with ConTeXt?

As long as you don't distibute them, I'd guess yes. But you shouldn't
ask me...

So, copy the attached file (warning: very experimental!!!) to your
directory and try to use it with:


 \definetypeface [lso][rm][serif][lbso] [default][encoding=ec]
 \definetypeface [lso][ss][sans] [lsso] [default][encoding=ec]
 \definetypeface [lso][tt][mono] [lctso][default][encoding=ec]

\type{The quick brown fox jumps over the 1234567890 lazy dog!}

\switchtobodyfont [ss]
 The quick brown fox jumps over the 1234567890 lazy dog!


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