Steffen Wolfrum said this at Fri, 20 Aug 2004 20:57:05 +0200:

>Well, I'd love to use aleph - no doubt! But, as I work with MacOS(X) 
>I fear I have to find a solution that will work for pdfetex.
>Could someone help me?

Hmm. What's your timeframe?
I'm working on XeTeX drivers for ConTeXt that should get to a 90%
solution soonish... the question will then be what "weird" ConTeXt
features will you need?

For those not aware, XeTeX is a very interesting eTeX variant that hooks
into MacOSX's advanced typography. It's Unicode-native, and uses native
Mac fonts without any TeXFont-y conversion necessary. It supports Apple's
AAT features as well as OTF features.
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