Adam Lindsay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Steffen Wolfrum said this at Fri, 20 Aug 2004 20:57:05 +0200:
> >Well, I'd love to use aleph - no doubt! But, as I work with MacOS(X) 
> >I fear I have to find a solution that will work for pdfetex.
> >
> >Could someone help me?
> Hmm. What's your timeframe?
> I'm working on XeTeX drivers for ConTeXt that should get to a 90%
> solution soonish... the question will then be what "weird" ConTeXt
> features will you need?
> For those not aware, XeTeX is a very interesting eTeX variant that hooks
> into MacOSX's advanced typography. It's Unicode-native, and uses native
> Mac fonts without any TeXFont-y conversion necessary. It supports Apple's
> AAT features as well as OTF features.

As far as I understood I order to typeset text in xetex you have to use basically 
plain TeX-commands.

So, when you say you're working on XeTeX drivers for ConTeXt does that mean that I can 
write normal context code but typeset with XeTeX instead of pdfeTeX?

That would be great. Because my aim is to include polytonic greek quotes in my context 
document, and I setup an ideal context environment for my publications already and 
don't want to start with plain TeX again.

So if my understanding is right, when do you think XeTeX will be available for us 
ConTeXt users?

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