> Okay.  Problem solved.  The thing is that I did not ask the texlive 
> distribution to install the extra fonts package.  The palatino fonts were 
> part of the extra fonts. 

Right, I did aks you if you have psnfss installed? Hmm, perhaps I
forgot, because I think that everybody has it installed...

> The former tries to use palatino in all the variations in the following 
> example.  The palatino fonts seems to be missing the serif variant, 

I guess you mean sans serif? Yes, there is no such thing as Palatino
sans serif.

> Even the equation uses some sort of postscript font that I am not
> familiar with.

px I'd guess.

> the \rm, \em, and \sl lines.  Everywhere else the CMR font is used.

Well, not really cmr, but cmss, cmtt and math.

> What causes this behavior?

see type-pre.tex type-exa.tex and type-enc.tex for definitions on
those typescripts. They are just different typescripts.

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