Patrick Gundlach wrote:

Are these fonts exactly the same as the ones that you buy from

I don't know.

probably not, i once did a project where graphics came from all kind of organizations, we ended up with (looking in the final pdf file) quite some different lucida clones; the file was a font mess anyway so nobody noticed i guess; the same may happen with times and helvetica

as long as the metrics/kerning match the shapes i guess you're safe; on the other hand, i don't trust those fonts to remain unchanged, so i use the official lucida's

So, copy the attached file (warning: very experimental!!!) to your
directory and try to use it with:


\definetypeface [lso][rm][serif][lbso] [default][encoding=ec]
\definetypeface [lso][ss][sans] [lsso] [default][encoding=ec]
\definetypeface [lso][tt][mono] [lctso][default][encoding=ec]

\type{The quick brown fox jumps over the 1234567890 lazy dog!}

\switchtobodyfont [ss]
The quick brown fox jumps over the 1234567890 lazy dog!


alternatively you can add to your type-loc.tex:

\starttypescript [serif] [lucida] [ec]
 \definefontsynonym[LucidaBright] [...] [encoding=ec]

in which case you can probably use the existing lbr definition


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