Salman Khilji wrote:

I found out that while trying to install the latest ConTeXt over whatever came with texlive2003-inst-20030928.iso, I screwed up somewhere and ConTeXt would not even generate me a pdf file with cmr fonts.

So here is what I did.

1) I deleted everything about TeX from my system
2) Installed TeXLive from the iso with default options. I did not change anything. Just accepted the defaults.
3) I did not install the latest ConTeXt. I think I will be fine with whatever comes with TeXLive as of Sept, 2003.
4) Now I can generate a hello world pdf file with cmr fonts just fine.

an alternative is:

mkdir /usr/local/mytex cd /usr/local/mytex wget bunzip2
unzip linuxtex chmod -R 755 . setuptex /usr/local/mytex
mktexlsr texexec --make --alone --all

every time after that

. /usr/local/setuptex /usr/local/setuptex

should give you a minimal context tree (i develop on a windows machine, so that is the tree we use on the linux application servers)

(take a look at cont-sys.tex to see how we set up our context)

(there is also and


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