Hello Hans and others,

>>>Are these fonts exactly the same as the ones that you buy from

>>I don't know.
> probably not, i once did a project where  graphics came from all kind
> of organizations, we ended up with (looking in the final pdf file)
> quite some different lucida clones; the file was a font mess anyway so
> nobody noticed i guess; the same may happen with times  and
> helvetica

isn't font and mess a synonym?

These fonts are labelled like:

StartFontMetrics 2.0
Comment Generated by Fontographer 4.1 18.02.00 at 15:49 
FontName LucidaBrightCE-Demibold
FullName LucidaBrightCE-Demibold
FamilyName LucidaBrightCE
Weight Demibold
Notice (Copyright \(c\) 1998 Bigelow & Holmes Inc. Pat. Des 289,422.)


> alternatively you can add to your type-loc.tex: \starttypescript
> [serif] [lucida] [ec]
>   \definefontsynonym[LucidaBright] [...] [encoding=ec]
> \stoptypescript
> in which case you can probably use the existing lbr definition Hans

I want to avoid name clashes betwenn "lucida from staroffice" and
"official lucida". I have to do some more tests and I'll put the
instructions on the wiki.

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