I started using context recently and have encountered
some difficulties where I need some help to get over.

(1) References in math formulas:

\placeformula [Ref]
\eqalignno {

It seems that referencing to '\eqalignno'-formulas
needs some tricks. Is there any (non-)documented way
to attach a reference to a line inside '\eqalignno'
multiline formula?  E.g. a mechanism like \xxx[Ref]

\eqalignno {
   f(x) &= x^n - 1  &  \xxx[Ref]  \cr

so one can point to \in{formula}[Ref] and get the
correct reference number subsituted?

(2) Left/right margins of different width in doublesided layout: I invented my favorite layout as in

\setuplayout [location={doublesided,duplex}, marking=off,
   top=6mm, topdistance=6mm, bottom=6mm, bottomdistance=18mm,
   header=6mm, headerdistance=6mm,
   footer=6mm, footerdistance=18mm,
   leftmargin=12mm, leftmargindistance=4mm,
   leftedge=2mm, leftedgedistance=2mm,
   rightmargin=28mm, rightmargindistance=4mm,
   rightedge=6mm, rightedgedistance=2mm

\setuppapersize [A4][A4]
\setuppagenumbering [style=normal, alternative=doublesided, location={footer,middle}]

and if '\showframe' is active I can verify by ruler that
all distances and measures etc. are drawn correctly
according to both sides of the printed sheet.
(Though it remains to be investigated why only
'backspace=46mm' gives 26mm whitespace at the left paper
edge, i.e. the distance from the left paper edge to the
left edge of the 'leftedge'.)  :-)

Putting \inmargin{Some text} on evennumbered
pages (in a doublesided setup) shows margin area width as
in 'leftmargin' in '\setuplayout';  shouldn't it adapt
itself according to doublesided layout as the margin
frame does in '\showframe'?

(3) Math formulas in footnotes result in "Math formula deleted: Insufficient symbol fonts." I have the same style for margins and footnotes (I hope the following setup does this as was my intention),

\setupfootnotes [style=\tfx\setupinterlinespace]
\setupinmargin [style=\tfx\setupinterlinespace, align=right]

and in typesetting formulas in margins this error doesn't
occur, i.e. there are sufficient symbol fonts available
(whatever it means) :-)

I am using Adobe Utopia text with Palatino math fonts.

(4) HZ-algorithm. This, as well as metafun positional graphics and metapost color transparency, was the reason I started trying out context. My understanding is, HZ gets activated not with

   \font\tenrm=cmr10 at 10pt stretch 30 shrink 20 step 10

as documented in 'pre-hz.pdf' at PRAGMA-ADE but using

   \pdffontexpand\tenrm 30 20 10 1000

as I noticed somewhere. The question is, are *.tfm files


enough to get it going, and can be generated manually
from *.afm files using 'afm2tfm'?

Though, '\pdffontexpand\tenrm 30 20 10 1000'  results in
"Missing font identifier."  in context...  :-)

I am using Context 2003.1.31 with pdfetex 1.10a-2.1 as in tetex 2.0.1 distributed in SuSE Linux 8.2.

Thanks in advance for any help, item (1) is most
critical, though.

Eeri Kask

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