I'm using the Utopia/Fourier setup

\setupfontsynonym               [fourier][handling=normal]
\setupfontsynonym               [Serif][handling=normal]
\setupfonthandling              [normal][left=1,right=1]
\usetypescript                  [fourier][ec]
\setupbodyfont                  [fourier,10pt]
\setupalign                     [hanging]

and it works great so far, except that protruding seems to be disabled when typesetting in \italic or slanted style. How can I activate hanging alignment of italicized text?

I'd also like to know how to use the \mathcal-Alphabet included in the Fourier package. $\text{\cal{...}}$ only generates the standard calligraphic letters known from Computer Modern.

BTW, I'm using the latest i-Installer version of ConTeXt/teTeX on OS X. (Console displays ConTeXt ver: 2004.1.13 fmt: 2004.6.25 int: english mes: english)

Best regards,

Sebastian Sturm

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