> This surely works ok for "top left". But how can I guarantee
> that "top right" has its *top right* corner in the position? I
> would have to calculate the coordinates manually (depending on
> page site, "top right text" dimensions etc).

Yes, AFAIK the mechanism does not support this now (and I do not know, if it
sometimes will do -- it seems to me it is a relatively old part of ConTeXt
and Hans himself recommends you the layers :-).

Anyway, you would have to count positions and coordinates manually.

But there is always a way using generic TeX here:

  \hbox to 0pt{%
    \vbox to 0pt{
      -- a material to typeset or display --

Of course, this solution does not take into account all of ConTeXt dependent
(and very convenient and pretty) features like grid fitting etc.

It is a thing of your needs.

Have a nice day,


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