Got the latest from:

Extracted with WinZip on my Win95 machine running Miktex. 



to pdftex.cfg.

Refreshed the Filename Database.

Copied texexec.rme to texexec.ini and changed:

%set  TeXShell  to  tetex
%set TeXShell  to  fptex
set TeXShell  to  miktex
%set TeXShell  to  private

Built formats with:

texexec --make en nl

Moved formats to f:\localtexmf\miktex\fmt\

Refreshed the filename database.

Built metafun with:

texexec --make metafun 

Moved format files to f:\localtexmf\miktex\mem\

Refreshed filename database.

Saved the following in C:\temp\junk.tex

\framed {Letís see if it works.}

Change to the C:\ drive and: 

texexec junk

Got this error:

This is pdfeTeX, Version 3.141592-1.10b-2.1 (MiKTeX 2.3)
entering extended mode

ConTeXt  ver: 2004.10.07  fmt: 2004.10.15  int: english  mes: english

systems        : pdfTeX version 110 -> please update

systems        : eTeX version 201 -> too old (bugs)

language       : language en is active
<protectionstate 0>
system         : cont-new loaded
systems        : beware: some patches loaded from cont-new.tex!
color          : palette rollover is available
system (E-TEX) : [line 966]
system (E-TEX) : [line 1021]
system         : cont-old loaded
loading        : Context Old Macros
system         : cont-fil loaded
loading        : Context File Synonyms
bodyfont       : 12pt rm is loaded
language       : patterns en->default:default->1->2:2
:2 de->texnansi:texnansi->3->2:2 de->ec:ec->4->2:2
2 fr->ec:ec->6->2:2 es->default:default->7->2:2
it->texnansi:texnansi->8->2:2 i
t->ec:ec->9->2:2 nl->texnansi:texnansi->10->2:2 nl->ec:ec->11->2:2 loaded
specials       : tex,postscript,rokicki loaded
system         : loaded
! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> \c!gebied
\xprocesscommaitem #1,#2->\if ,#1
                                 ,[EMAIL PROTECTED] \xprocesscommaitem \else \if

\xdogetparameters #1]->\xprocesscommaitem #1,]
                                              ,[EMAIL PROTECTED]@
\dosetupsystem [#1]->\getparameters [\??sv ][#1]
l.3 ...ost --undump=}\setupsystem[\c!gebied={C:/}]


Any ideas?

I also have the unusual behavior that I start with:

C:\temp> texexec junk

and wind up at


Anyone else ever have to deal with this changing of drives at the end of a
texexec run?
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