On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 09:14:49AM -0500, John Culleton wrote:
> There appear to be two programs dealing with conversion of XML Docbook 
> documents to Context, "Docbook in Context" and XSLT.  the former has not 
> been updated recently and the latter has documentation dating to 2001. I 
> have a potential customer who is XML conversant and wants me to set up his 
> document. He will provide it in Docbook format apparently. He has not 
> written it yet.  
> My question: Are either of the existing tools stable, reliable and complete 
> enough for me to take on this task?  Which is recommended for a one-time 
> project? What do I need from my customer in addition to the base file of 
> the document? 
> I have no interest in becoming an XML guru---I just want to bid on this job 
> if that makes sense or give the customer a no-bid if I am about to step in 
> a swamp. 
> -- 
> John Culleton

If you are willing to consider LaTeX, have a look at db2latex
(http://db2latex.sourceforge.net/), which uses xslt stylesheets
for conversion. This project appears to be very much alive. See
also http://www.dpawson.co.uk/docbook/tools.html

I don't have personal experience with this.

Siep Kroonenberg
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