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Maurice Diamantini wrote:

So, I propose that besides the standard upgrade cont-tmf.zip for context,
Pragma propose à **independant** "context" distribution which :
1 - ***doesn't use*** the standard kpath environment variables

This is the main item, because this requirement implies using non-standard executables. I agree with you that such a distribution would be a great thing to have, but unless some people are actually willing to invest (a fairly large amount of time) in it, it is simply not going to happen.

Hum, I thought it would be possible to just change the name of the environment variable used be the kpsea system. But if these names are hard coded, perhaps it is still possible to patch the source for all the external tools used by context and relying on kpathsea. I suppose that Hans could do a "contextize" perl script which automatise this transformation from the standard tools archives.

I have started a project last spring, whose goal is to deliver almost precisely a "standalone, fast and idiot-proof distribution of ConTeXt", but it has been a one person affair so far, and I do not have unlimited time to spend on it. Anyway, have a look at


This is very ambitious ! You are redoing the full tex envirenment!
If you realy want to do that, you should:
- first create a contributing information system (as the wiki context :-)
- create an open source project on sourceforge or something like that,
(this mean mailing lists, cvs access, ...)
- and then call for a partitipation on comp.text.tex group.
I sure there is several TeX guru interested.

This project is much more that what I asked for!


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