I just ran into this bug on my own and noticed your message on-list. Did
you get it resolved, cos you're right: it's ugly.

Nikolai Weibull said this at Mon, 5 Jul 2004 21:02:36 +0200:

>  [color=blue]
>seems buggy.  Try this:
>  [state=start]
>  [state=start]
>  [color=blue]
>Why the hell is \from[one] wrapping so badly?
>You will (hopefully...or something) notice that the http:// appears
>above and slightly to the left of in the sentence.
>remove \setupurl[...] and it works fine, rendering it green.  It also
>works fine if you remove the color=blue and add style=type instead or
>whatever.  In noninteractive versions this works fine though and in
>documents without \setupcolors[state=start],
>       nikolai
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