Nikolai Weibull wrote:

! Undefined control sequence.
\dodosmash [#1]->\edef \@@smash
                                {#1}\futurelet \nexttoken \dododosmash
\relbar ->\mathrel {\smash

Uh-uh. The problem is clear: \inlinemath tries (in the definition of \inlinemath@) to expand the formula (in the sense of TeX macro expansion). \longrightarrow cum suis are, however, not expandable in ConTeXt.

Now, I do believe the xdef is a bug in nath, but the following workaround does work:

\protected\def\longrightarrow    {\relbar\joinrel\rightarrow}

Hans, do you have a command that sort of changes an existing definition as if \protected had been used in the first place?


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