On Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 04:15:34PM +0100, Christopher Creutzig wrote:
> >Sure. Think of it as ragged-right and ragged-left. This is one of the
> >first questions in all ConTeXt FAQs, it has deep historical reasons, and
>  If nothing important has crept past me, being the first question in 
> all ConTeXt FAQs is something trivially true, given the number of 
> ConTeXt FAQs in existence. :-))

You're a mathematician, aren't you :-))))) Have a look at
http://contextgarden.net/, great material is there.

And this is documented in http://contextgarden.net/Right_and_left,
nevertheless, you're right, it isn't an FAQ :-)


The Czechs announced after Sputnik that they, too, would launch a satellite.
Of course, it would orbit Sputnik, not Earth!
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