The delivered TeX distributions with Linux are mostly way too old. If you look at the messages given by your texexec run you can see it already.
TEXEXEC is way too old. The current version is above 5!
After updating your context it appears that it uses still a very outdated version of texexec. I advise you to update your tex-system from CTAN (http://www.tug.org/interest.html).


texexec --pdf novel.tex

 TeXExec 3.1 - ConTeXt / PRAGMA ADE 1997-2002

            executable : pdfetex
                format : cont-en
             inputfile : novel
                output : pdftex
             interface : en
          current mode : none
               TeX run : 1

This is pdfeTeX, Version 3.14159-1.10b-2.1 (Web2C 7.4.5)
 \write18 enabled.
entering extended mode

ConTeXt  ver: 2004.11.06  fmt: 2004.11.19  int: english  mes: english

systems        : pdfTeX version 110 -> please update

systems        : eTeX version 201 -> too old (bugs)


! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> \c!gebied
\xprocesscommaitem #1,#2->\if ,#1
                                 ,[EMAIL PROTECTED] \xprocesscommaitem \else 

\xdogetparameters #1]->\xprocesscommaitem #1,]
                                              ,[EMAIL PROTECTED]@
\dosetupsystem [#1]->\getparameters [\??sv ][#1]
                                                \setuprandomize [\@@svrandom...
l.3 \setupsystem[\c!gebied={/home/ciro/}]

! Emergency stop.
<argument> \c!gebied
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