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The Thanh Han said this at Thu, 18 Nov 2004 08:36:05 +0700:

Hi Adam,

ET5 was the first proposed font encoding for vietnamese; then it was
renamed to X5 with a few modifications. T5 is a minor update -- it's
heavily based on X5 but I don't remember what has been changed.

Thanks. The questions now seem to be, is there a significant amount of fonts/support files/work that relied on x5 that needs to be supported? Because I just discovered that there were some serious bugs in the ConTeXt interpretation of the x5 encoding, and that any regular user would have demanded that something be changed!

afaik nobody has used vietnamese with context yet, so just forget
backward compability and do what is needed.

so we can drop x5 and go for t5 (i.e. lm only needs to support t5)

thanh: adam got most font stuff working like a charm! i'll add things to the distribution


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