En fecha y hora 22/11/04 18:03, Patrick Gundlach dijo:
Dear ConTeXt (and texshow-web) users,

I am currently translating texshow-web into various languages. Well
I'd like to, but all languages besides german (and english) give me
headaches... So I am looking for some native speakers to help me
translating. The job is pretty easy, I'd send you a small textfile and
you send it back to me with some strings translated (currently 35
strings, but there is also the help page and main page...)


Hi Patrick.

My native language is Spanish, and I can read english without problems. I can help you with the Spanish translation. However I have to confess you that I never used texshow-web, and my knowledge about context is very superficial. I hope this is not a problem.

--JL Diaz

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