Hello all,

could somebody explain me the usage of the \setuptolerance command and its particular parameters?
I've found several forms of this command, but no explanation of them at all...

The main ConTeXt manual (cont-eni.pdf, pages 87-88) only mentions that it is used [horizontal,verystrict] and [vertical,strict] by default... Should I issue two \setuptolerance commands to setup up horizontal and vertical tolerance?

On contextgarden.net I've found one example using the following form:

\setuptolerance         [{horizontal, verytolerant},{vertical, verystrict}]

...tried this, but it produces "Overfull \hbox" at almost every third line... :-(

Currently I use the setup:
which gives quite good results, but I don't know what it exactly does (I googled it somewhere)...

Thanks for help.


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