Christopher Creutzig wrote:

First, I do have entries such as
with no year entry, and this comes out as "Wikipedia ()". I think the parens should only be used if the year is nonempty.

Side note: The Oxford Guide to Style suggestes for online publication to add something like "accessed 23 November 2004".

Second, I getempty entries in my list of references, which do get a number. Also, the first 20 numbers are printed in red, while the subsequent entries are in black. I know this is a vague description, I haven't been able to analyze it in more detail yet. Just wanted to let you know.

Regarding the colours and maybe completely unrelated: I remember such things when interaction is turned on for elements with are on the same or on a different page. In that case it helped to set \setupinteraction[color=blue].

As an aside: Does m-bib provide a way of including page numbers etc. in the citation? (For authoryear style, this would be overkill, but for other styles, I think "[233, p. 40]" to be pretty readable and helpful.)

Maybe something like (untested):

\def\pagecite[#1][#2]{[\cite[num][#1], p.~#2]}

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