Christopher Creutzig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> with no year entry, and this comes out as "Wikipedia ()".  I think the 
> parens should only be used if the year is nonempty.

In authoryear styles, year entries are usually required, so I am going to 
keep this as it is now. You can either use \cite[author] for this case, or 
you could build your own \cite command, in a similar way to Tobias' answer:

        \ifdim \wd\scratchbox > 0pt

(untested code)
>   Second, I getempty entries in my list of references, which do get a 
> number.  Also, the first 20 numbers are printed in red, while the 
> subsequent entries are in black.  I know this is a vague description, I 
> haven't been able to analyze it in more detail yet.  Just wanted to let 
> you know.

Too vague for a diagnosis, actually.  You'd need to supply me with a 
minimal complete file that recreates the error. There is nothing I can do 
with your information right now.

>   Third, I have entries in my bibliography where the authors are listed
> with their family names only.  This causes spurious commas in the list
> of references.  I'll probably add initials and/or chrisitan names where 
> I know them, but I think m-bib should support these entries.

I really should, i agree. Added to the todo list.
Greetings, Taco
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