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In authoryear styles, year entries are usually required, so I am going to keep this as it is now. You can either use \cite[author] for this case, or you could build your own \cite command, in a similar way to Tobias' answer:

Sorry for bothering you that much. I'm now using \cite[author], yet there is one place I can't solve that way, which is cross references:

author = {Mark Jason Dominus},
title = {Slide Rule},
journal = {Wikipedia},
year = 2004,
crossref = {Wikipedia},
month = May,
note = {\gotoURL{http://en.wikipedia.org/w/wiki.phtml?title=Slide_rule&oldid=3849585}}

  key =          {Wikipedia},
  title =        {Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia},
  howpublished = {\gotoURL{http://wikipedia.com}}

 Not that I plan to use really many wikipedia entries, but the problem
as such seems to exist.  (I am not sure about using @Article here, but
that's another topic.)

 As an aside, there is another problem: The
entry cross-referenced to does not appear – this seems to be a general
problem with cross-references.  I'm using \completepublications, but the
same happens with \placepublications.  (I haven't managed to get the
list sorted by author, either.)

Another thing I stumbled upon: Using \type{whatever} in a BibTeX entry
does not work: “whatever” is simply ignored. (It is intact in the .bbl file, as in

\pubname{{message [EMAIL PROTECTED] on the mailing

where I'm using \type because of the _.)

 Finally, the entry

a={Abramowitz and Stegun},y=1972,
\title{{Handbook of Mathematical Functions}}
\pubname{Dover Publications}

is indented by about one interword space relative to the entries not
using \editor. Which commands do the actual typesetting of the list entries? I only got to \@@pbt and was lost ...

        Christopher Creutzig

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