Willi Egger wrote:

After running mktexlsr I started texmfstart cxtools --patternfiles all
in the alpha-context/tex directory. All pat and hyp files where then transferred into a new directory ..\texmf-local\pattern. Again mktexlsr was run.

texmf-local\pattern is not in the searchpath, so either put in in base or in parallel, like in:


language        : patterns cz for cz loaded (n=13,e=il2,m=il2)
! Undefined control sequence.
l.36 .a4d\'e

i'm a bit puzzled, because the old system should still work; maybe some mix up; anyway, the czech patterns are kind of special because they are in the wrong location in the texmf tree (czech patterns are a persistent problem, politics involved and such)

I know, that I am doing things, which I am unable to understand completely. Still I wonder what the problem is.


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