On Tue, 15 Feb 2005, Hans Hagen wrote:

> bTABle ... it can split if you say
> \setupTABLE[split=yes] % splitmethod=a|b
> you can make head, foot and body sections as well as define alternative
> headers for the split off parts

Ok, I'm going to try bTABLE. How can I define header and tail for each
page? Is there any reference for this table type, I only found enattab.pdf
with some examples.
Here is some code, that I tried, but without success:


\bTABLE[split=yes,splitmethod=a] % splitmethod=b gives an error

\bTR \bTD top of the page \eTD \eTR

\bTR \bTD bottom of the page \eTD \eTR

\bTR \bTD next one \eTD \eTR

\dorecurse{50}{\bTR \bTD the body \eTD \eTR}



TIA for any help.
Greetings, Peter

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