On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 09:12:09 +0100, Stefan Wachter
> Hi all,
> in the diverse documentation about ConTeXt installation I find the
> instruction
> "texexec --make ... --language ..."
> for generating format files. Several questions arise:
> 1. What is the consequence of selecting specific languages after the
> --make option? Have the generated formats the same functionality, i.e.
> do they differ only in the user interface? In particular, do the
> different formats have the same hyphenation capabilities?
> 2. In the "How to install ConTeXt" manual I read that the "nl"-format is
> needed for some postprocessing features built in texexec. Is this still
> valid? The TeXLive distribution of 2004 contains only the cont-en.fmt file.

The same for teTeX 3.0
So I think *-nl* is not need unless you need some things (e.g
labels,...)  related to NL, right ?
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