Stefan Wachter wrote:
Adam Lindsay wrote:

 > Okay, as far as I know, ConTeXt doesn't have an 8a/Adobe encoding vector
 > defined yet.

What does it mean that ConTeXt doesn't have an 8a/Adobe encoding vector? Isn't it enough for ConTeXt that there is an 8a.enc file? (I am prepared to write the necessary typescripts myself.)

you need to write an enco-ase file then; no reason for typescripts

Yet, the results were in some way unexpected. It seems that the 8a encoding really isn't supported by ConTeXt. For example if I say


and output the character \char251

then I get a "" in the resulting PDF. I am very astonished to receive that character because in 8a, T1, and texnansi encoding the glyph /ucircumflex is located at that slot.

Maybe this has to do with virtual fonts? I still struggle with all these matters.

no, just make me an enco-ase (adobe standard encoding) file; you can use enco-ans as starting point


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