On Fri, 18 Feb 2005, Hans Hagen wrote:

> >> \useencoding[ffr]
> this command should come first (i.e. even before any \startproject or so 
> since 
> it set an internal separator (has to do with active french quotes); some day 
> i 
> will change that to a more convenient method

Thanks for your explanations. My goal is, to write things like
\useencoding[ffr] and \mainlanguage[fr] only once in an environment file,
and not in every product.

What do you think about the following method, can I get other kinds of

Product file:

\startproduct product
\project project

test: \in[bla]

test: \in[bla:bla]

hallo «hallo» hallo «hallo», hallo
hallo: hallo; hallo? hallo! hallo

Project file:

\startproject project
\defineactivecharacter « {\leftguillemot\,}
\defineactivecharacter » {\,\rightguillemot}
\defineactivecharacter ! {\,\string!}
\defineactivecharacter ? {\,\string?}
\defineactivecharacter : {\,\string:}
\defineactivecharacter ; {\,\string;}

\product product


Cheers, Peter

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