Adam Lindsay wrote:
Hi Matt.

I don't have a total solution, but I think you were much closer than you

Matt Gushee said this at Fri, 18 Feb 2005 11:40:22 -0700:

 * Use negative dimensions to cause the header and footer to overlap
   the text area, e.g.:

    \setuplayout [...,headerdistance=-0.35in,footerdistance=-0.5in]

As I said, this comes very close to the desired effect, but it seems impossible to correctly align the header text and page numbers with the main text.

How about this:


You had it pretty much right, you just need to make sure that the text
blocks reach the bottom, a la the grid or \setupalign[line] stuff on the
list these past weeks.

Actually, at first, I thought this was a job for texttexts (weird, yeah,
but in the manual...), but I have not idea how to move those up and down,
where you want them.

And that rightedge block isn't really relevant here, but it looks nice on
the page. :)

you can play with ...

\startsetups one

\vbox to \textheight \bgroup

  \strut \getmarking[section]
  \strut \pagenumber






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