Responding to my own email. 

I finally found the documentation for installing ConTeXt burried in one
of the distribution I downloaded. However, this documenttion only told
me to unzip the archive in the appropriate directory. It did not tell me
what that appropriate directory was.

This page explained mor explicitly what to do:

It told me to unzip the archive in the actual texmf directory and to
overwrite existing files. I did't do this before because I didn't think
I was supposed to overwrite existing files. 

Actually, my first step in installing ConTeXt was to get a completely
new installation of LiveTeX. I had a lot of problems installing this.
When I ran texconfig, I was told that there was no config file in
//temfm/web2c. When I looked, sure enough, the config file was there. 

The problem was that my old installation had put all the scripts, such
as kpsewhich in /usr/bin and my system was reading these executables. I
had to write a script comparing /usr/TeX/bin/i386-linux/ (my current
directory for TeX scripts) to /usr/bin (my old directory). If the same
executable was found in my old direcotry, I removed it. 

After that, TeX worked fine. I then unzipped the ConTeXt archive in the
texmf directory, followed the instructions above, and seem to have
gotten everything working. 

This took me two days to figure out, though! It was frustrating because
I was able to get ConTeXt working on my girfriend's Macintosh simply by
using an install package.

I hope someone will find these brief notes helpful.



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