The knowlegeable John Culleton said in one of the
lists that he could recognize if a book was typeset
MS-word by looking at the "rivers" and the lack of
hyphenation. I then checked my 310-page book I am
typesetting with context and not a single line had a
hyphenated word at the end.

So, my question is: Is it okay? or do I need to set
any parameter to allow hyphenation? 
I do have
\tolerance=10000, because I don't like lines longer
than the rest, but I thought I could still get some
hyphenated words. Am I right?

thank you

Ciro A. Soto
Author of
"The Guitar Maker. 
An Exploration of Wisdom, Design and Love." Pub. Date: Aug. 2005.

"All problems are at the interface. Each one of them has a solution."
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