Great work. I did some tests of this and have a few comments:

- I tested with the inital "H" and
[Lines=4,Hang=.1,Nindent=20pt,Findent=20pt]. This makes the H itself be
indented too (see enclosed dump). It seems that Findent adds space both
before and after the dropcap, when it only should add after the dropcap.

- The text font seems to be defaulted to small capitals. However, this
is merely one of the conventions how text after a dropcap is set. Other
conventions include e.g. roman or italic caps, roman or italic lower
case etc.

- Regarding the slope one should be able to set indentation separately
for each line. This depends on the fact that some characters call for a
different type of intendation of the lines - e.g. the character "L".

- Sometimes there is a need to indent the dropcap slightly itself, e.g.
if one uses a quotation mark before the dropcap. So a parameter to
control that would be great.

However, bear in mind that I installed ConTeXt for the first time
yesterday and have never used TeX and children before, so I may very
well have done something wrong when I used the module...! :)

Best regards,
Mats Broberg

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> Ok, so I *should* be doing other stuff, but this is just a 
> lot of fun, so here is the 3rd version, with three bugfixes
> - No more font messages
>    (followed Hans' advice)
> - No more \sbox redefinition
>    (used it's expansion instead)
> - The page breaks unless the lettrine actually fits
>    (this is an independant improvement by me)
> This is the last version before EuroTeX. Really. ;-)
> Greetings, Taco

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