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Gerben Wierda wrote:

how do you handle additions like this in your ConTeXt distribution? Will they become part of it for instance?

Hans usually asks authors whether they want the module to be part
of the distribution. Mostly, authors say yes, but not always.

This is just a port of lettrine.sty, and I do not believe it should
be part of standard ConTeXt. <<I guess that means I should submit
it to CTAN>>

as usual taco is right -)

the main challenge with such modules is to avoid name conflicts, not so much a problem for the taco's who know context inside out, but maybe tricky for others

i can imagine something along the lines:

- if someone has such a port, given that it has aproper namespace, as taco did with his module, it can end up in


- once a few people has looked at the code in order to uncover potential areas of conflict and/or to identify places that can be contexified [low level calls, fonts, etc], and when the code is tagged okay, it can move to


watch the lower alphabetic order, it will then overload pending copies in tryout

- each module should have a test file that end up in


so that users can check if things work as expected

being too rigourous is bad for development, but we need to have some rules/methods in order not to end up in a low level redefinition mess (not unthinkable when one converts from another macro package); of course we can always create

- context/port/yourownrisk
- context/port/zombie

last in the search path

as said by taco, ctan is the place to collect the files; each module can have a wiki page

taco and i can make t-figurines into an example [reference] for such a model


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