Adam Lindsay wrote:

header=2in, % the space for headers
footer=2in, % the space for footers
height=7in % the height of the body text

This (nominally, without use of page=high or some such) leaves three
inches for the body text. Unlike the right/left margin, header/footer
space is considered part of the textblock's height. I don't know the
historical reasons for this, but it makes a kind of sense.

just keep in mind that header and footer lines can be empty, not-present, high, etc, so in a sense they are part of the flow

margins are virtual things and their width influence line breaking, backgrounds etc, since there can be multiple margins it does not make sense to define back-of-page -> text as being the margin, because then we would need other variables to set the real ones; backspace (in dutch 'rugwit' is a better name i think) is more convenient

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