At 11:36 +0100 11/03/05, Thomas A.Schmitz wrote:
Hi Patrick,

the setup in contextgarden is the one that I'm referring to. It doesn't work here.


Hi Thomas,

I am also one of the "fonts-challenged" people...
However, thanks to Patrick, using contextgarden when I do the following (see below) everything works here (Mac OS X 10.3.8, withe Gerben Wierda's installation of TexLive 2005)

Cheers: OK

%% testing-fonts.tex
\usetypescript [adobekb][\defaultencoding]

%% for times uncomment this

\input knuth

And this is some maths with PostScript fonts.
{a \over b} = {c \over d} \iff ad - bc = 0, \qquad \int_0^{2\pi} \sin(x)^2dx =\pi, \qquad {\rm e}^{{\rm i}\pi} + 1 = 0.

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