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 Steffen Wolfrum said this at Fri, 11 Mar 2005 12:33:13 +0100:

 >In fact, this is something I would like to have also for other
 >purposes (for example to use a second set of oldstyle figures):
 >defining my own *myserif* or *mysans* that could be used then in a
 >typescriptfile the same way as sans, serif and mono are used there.
 >But up to now I didn't manage it.
 >Somebody did and would like to share his/her knowledge?

 Okay, thanks for clarifying.

 You might like to take a look at the typescripts in the file
 at <>. I defined full myserif/mysans
 families (I called them romancaps and capsans) to stand next to the serif
 and sans families (same font, different features). There are also a
 couple convenience macros in there to help switch between the two.

 Is that the sort of thing you're looking for? There's nothing inherently
 SmallCaps (or OpenType) about the fundamental typescripts--that's just
 the first testing ground I found.

I had a look at your file but I think my point is different:

You still use only the predefined serif, sans etc.

but I would like to use also
and the corresponding \myrm (next to \tt and \ss).

I don't know Hans' texnical term for serif, sans, mono, math etc. is (as used above).

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